Going onto the unreal marketplace

As you can read in the heading we are preparing ourselves to publish our first Prop bundle onto the Unreal Marketplace. It'll just be some nice, futuristic grenade models which you can add to your current game that you are working on. Or inspires you to built something that matches perfectly for our pack.


When is it available you might ask? 


Well, I can not give you a specific date when it's released to the marketplace, because Epic is just putting on new submissions like every few weeks or so. But I'll let you know when we are finished and when it's released to the market by Epic. 


There are also coming some more screenshots over the next days, or weeks. Depends on how fast we are finishing the pack. 

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    Shawn (Wednesday, 20 April 2016 17:53)

    Sounds cool guys, can|t wait to see the finished rresult


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