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PROGRESS... YEAH. How exciting is that? Look we are nearly finished now. Added two more grenades types, the ones on the left are the Tesla Grenades and on the right side are the Detonators. They look pretty sick right. ;)

And as you surely noticed, our Imploder Grenade (out of our last blog post) isn't here. Thats because it needs a complete redesign and is not ready yet. 


There is also something else that we'll include in the package. Some Cases for storing the grenades, cause they are very fragile as you would expect from highly deadly grenades. :D pretty cool huh? 

So stay informed to know anything about all the changes and when we'll finally releasing them to the Unreal Marketplace


 Press here to get a look at some high res screenshots from the grenades.

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    Jack Siegelberg (Wednesday, 14 September 2016 13:13)

    Hi, this shit is god damn nice
    i will donate something if you launch your first game ;-)


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